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Air Filter Table

Title: Air Filter Table
Item Code: AFT 001
Material: Solid Wood Structure
Dimensions: Height 24” Length 14” Width 11″
Fans Diameter 4”

Category: Product ID: 3113


An air purifier inside a table? Never heard of that before!
Artables is presenting you its Air Filter table that helps purify the air from viruses, bacteria, dust, dirt, unpleasant odour and pollutants to ensure your home is safe and clean. Along with that you can also add a new piece of furniture in your home décor. The structure of the table is made from solid wood and the filters are engine air filters that are also used in cars. This unique and practical design is a perfect fit for your living room, bedroom, basement or any place where you and your family spend the most time. It can be used as a side table where you can also place a cup of coffee or some decoration pieces on top. An essential buy to improve indoor air quality in the pandemic and help secure the safety of your loved ones!


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