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Peshawar Embroidery – Notepad (Small)

Title: Peshawar Embroidery – Notepad (Small)
Size:3.4” x 4.9”
High quality pages and hardcover safe

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The artwork on this product contains detailed oriented concept of the Phulkari dress of Peshawar city. People love to wear this incredible looking dress, the colors and the attention to detail in this dress makes it a highlight of Peshawar’s embroidery and artwork.

We offer you a piece of history. It’s a token of our heritage and a reminder of where we come from or where we’ve been. It’s a conversation starter. For the first time in Pakistan, Artables offers a wide range of regional theme-based souvenirs with hand painted miniature illustrations and brief historical accounts of different cities and regions of Pakistan. We have done extensive research, exploring different cities and historical sites to gather this knowledge and express it in our art. Our aim is to promote our local cultures.


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