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Radio Table Drawers (Brown 2)

Title: Radio Table with Drawers (Brown)
Item code: RT012
Material: Ash wood structure with wooden knobs.
Dimensions: Height: 25.4”, Length: 21”, Width: 16”

Category: Product ID: 4542


The light brown solid wood exterior and light brown colored fabric on this table make it stand out by giving a subtle vintage look. This table has a gray tuning dial with black wooden knobs and two drawers that are quite spacious for storing your items which makes it an ideal piece of furniture for even your bedroom, study, office, or lounge. Call it a bedside table, call it a chest of drawers, call it a statement piece, call it whatever you like! Isn’t modern furniture so subjective anyways? You can also add a touch of fancy by placing a flower vase or potpourri bowl on top to layer this vintage piece with your modern home décor.

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