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Chay Pehlo Showcase

Title: Chay Pehlo Showcase
Item Code: SC 001
Dimensions: 65 inches x 20 inches
Material: Solid Wood Structure

Category: Product ID: 4787


Launching our exclusive Showcase Cabinet which dates back to many centuries when the Nawabs and Raees of the subcontinent use to place them in their Mahals and Hawelis. It is true-to-the-last-detail replica of the one owned by our family. These showcases have an artistic element to it yet they are practical to use. It is of Indian origin and has “6-pehlo” /Hexagonal shape. Has a teak tone finish and is manufactured using traditional carpentry techniques. The showcase can be placed in hallways, drawing rooms, entrance lobbies and formal set-ups. Also, a signature purchase for museum owners for display of artifacts, archaeological pieces or any treasured collectibles. It is a statement piece that can be placed just by itself or if you have 2 corners then another one can also look great and symmetrical. It helps the onlooker to make sense of what they are seeing if furniture is placed in symmetry.

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