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Swirl Book Table – Sages of the East

Title: Swirl Book Table – Sages of the East
Item Code: SBT002
Material: Artificial Leather Books with a Glass Top
Dimensions: Height: 27″ Diameter (glass top): 20″

Category: Product ID: 3944


The concept behind this table is to highlight and celebrate the Eastern Philosophers and their contributions to mankind. Eastern philosophy is expansive and goes as far back as the recorded history of human civilization spanning over the period of 5,000 years. The philosophers of the East are some of the most important humans to have walked the planet and have contributed substantially to the development of logic, metaphysics, ethics, epistemology and other sciences. Highlighted on this this table are some of the works through which the sages of the east have added to our collective wisdom and knowledge.

The Swirl Book Table has been designed by our skilled craftsmen keeping in mind the intricate details and importance of this product. The books on the table are made from artificial leather which makes it a solid piece. It comes along with a glass top so you can place a mug of coffee on it. The table can be placed in a library, study room, office or a basement. It is definitely an attention grabber making all your guests and visitors gushing over it!

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